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Jane_FreyNov05.BMP (521694 bytes) Jane retired in 2012 after working  as a Research Entomologist at Foresty Tasmania since 1994. Her research program aims to develop environmentally-friendly methods to protect their eucalypt plantations from economic damage by insect pests. 
Since moving to Tasmania, Jane enjoys occasional trips in summer bushwalking on Tasmania's  coastal and mountain wilderness, but has expanded her marine interests.

A lot of her recreational time is spent on SCUBA diving, sailing on a square-rigged replica, the Lady Nelson, and she has recently started sea kayaking around Tasmania's wonderful estuaries and coastline.

Since going part-time, she intends to devote more time encouraging more people to appreciate Tasmania's unique marine environment, as well as catching up on neglected 'home duties' and keeping up with the activities of daughters, Catriona and Sophia.

Dressing_yardsSm.BMP (543222 bytes)

Dressing the yards of Lady Nelson on entering Port Hobart after circumnavigating Tasmania, December 2004 (Jane on Forecourse yard, bottom left; photo Naomi Durden).

She and Andrew have established an Australian native plant garden around the house at 'Bellendena'. Her main contribution to the vineyard maintenance is to monitor and help control pests and diseases on the vines as well as all the introduced weeds such as blackberries that are always threatening to take over.

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