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The Vineyard

We established our family vineyard in 1995 on half a hectare on the Tinderbox Peninsula, about 20 km south of Hobart on the western shore of the River Derwent.

Six hundred vines, about half each of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir rootlings from Elsewhere Vineyard in the Huon Valley, were planted  in  deep, black dolerite soil. The hillside faces north, is sheltered from most winds, and receives only occasional light frosts and snow. The modified Lyre trellising in double rows allow maximum sun penetration into the vines.  The average rainfall of 562 mm per year is supplemented when necessary with drip irrigation from dam water.

The name 'Bellendena' comes from the scientific name of an endemic Tasmanian plant, the Mountain Rocket, Bellendena montana, from the Proteaceae plant family.   The label depicts the spiral spike of red seed capsules of the plant as they appear looking down onto the plant.  In the background is the view from the vineyard across the River Derwent and Storm Bay to the Tasman peninsular and the Iron Pot lighthouse at the mouth of the River Derwent.

BellendaLabel.JPG (26549 bytes)

Bellendena wine label
featuring the seed capsules of the native Tasmanian plant,
Bellendena montana


Vineyd061Sm.jpg (132540 bytes) Bellendena vineyard, February 2006
Pinot Noir vines nearest, Chardonnay furthest from the viewer Right: Pruned vines under snow
  PrunedVinesSm.jpg (92690 bytes)
Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines

Chardonnay Bunch.gif (107400 bytes) The cool dry summer of southern Tasmania  provides slow ripening weather which retains wonderful fruit flavours while still attaining high sugar levels. Andrew tends the grapes daily, tucking, plucking, topping and spraying when necessary, watching them grow and ripen while Jane monitors and advises on pest and disease management. The grapes continue ripening through summer and autumn until  harvesting around Easter every year. Friends and neighbours continue to volunteer enthusiastically to help us with the harvest, which is always followed with a hearty lunch. After the harvest, the vines are fertilised before the winter pruning, with a final spray with lime sulphur before spring.
Our first small vintage was in 1999. From then until 2005 the wines were made by Andrew Hood, Cambridge, Tasmania, when Bryce Buonaccorsi, Tinderbox, took on the task for several vintages. Robert Drew, Cambridge, has been making our wine from 2008 onwards.

We have been very pleased with the quality and local wine experts are impressed:

Graeme Phillips, the wine editor for the Hobart Mercury, described our 2002 Chardonnay as....

ChardonnayVine_04.JPG (188358 bytes)

"A wonderful mouthful of intense citrus and stonefruit flavours, tightly structured around a core of crisp, clean acid, beautifully balanced, richly concentrated, lingering and built to last. One of the best I've seen for a while and an absolute must ...."

Pinot Bunch.gif (81422 bytes)

With consistent high quality, and each vintage being subtly different, we had no trouble selling our small, early vintages from the cellar door to friends and neighbours by word of mouth. Bellendena wine has now been consumed with pleasure in many countries, ranging from Chile to East Timor.

The vintages from 1999 to 2003 and some later vintages are sold out,
with a few bottles of each retained to test their aging quality.
Being a small family vineyard, each vintage has its own characteristics.
See descriptions of each vintage below.

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We mainly sell by word of mouth but are now also selling our wine at several outlets in and around Hobart:

Cellarbrations, Blackmans Bay
Just Add Wine,
North Hobart
Brookfield Vineyard,
Hothouse Cafe,
Bruny Island.

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